About Us...

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by:)
My name is Gina Rogers and I am an Audiobook Narrator.
A very important part of my job as a Narrator, is LISTENING to audiobooks.
While I'm listening I love creating with CLAY!
My goal as a Polymer Clay Artist is to create pieces that people value & cherish...  Tiny, little reminders that HAPPY is a STATE OF MIND.  
I discovered Polymer Clay about one year ago. 
I'm also a Zumba(r) Fitness Instructor.  And, roughly one year ago, I broke a toe.
I couldn't dance and I was going a little bonkers.
It was then that my obsession with succulents was re-ignited!
(I have loved succulents since I was first introduced to them in Mrs. Fattibene's Botany class circa 1990 back at Darien High School!)
I began propagating my new succulents and the tiny, little guys needed tiny pots! 
So, I went online to find tiny pots and they were SO EXPENSIVE!
Well, Thrifty and Crafty are my middle names, so I started watching YouTube videos, discovered the magical medium: Polymer Clay, made some pots, made A LOT of mistakes(not all acrylic paint and polymer clay play well together)... 
And, the rest is HAPPY HISTORY!
If you'd like to connect on the socials, Instagram is where I'm most active.
You can find my personal account @ginared
OR, all things Happy Heart Clay-related @happyheartclay
A photo of me holding a Happy Heart Book-Shaped Intention Box